Birth of Blue

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Australian Blue Cypress Oil
by Cynthia Olsen

Featured at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sidney, Australia

Birth of the Blue is a story of a recently discovered essential oil from Australia’s Northern Territory. The oil is from the Northern Cypress Pine, Callitris intratropica. This book contains a complete history of the discovery and research development of Blue Cypress Oil including new product development. This release contains illustrations, resources, maps, detailed testing and current standards.

“I have been using Australian Blue Cypress Oil in conjunction with my skin care services. Specifically, I have used the oil with microdermabrasion treatments and acne extractions. I use a few drops in a soothing compress after these treatments and have found the inflammation and redness normally associated has been greatly reduced. The smell is soothing and pleasing for both men and women. Most importantly, the results are consistent”
– Maryanne Garvin, Licensed Esthetician

ISBN: 1-890941-04-2, 88 pages



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