About Cynthia Olsen

Cynthia Olsen (pen name) is the author of several award winning books and a successful publisher. Ms Olsen began writing books on health in 1989. Her journey led her to create an enterprising publishing company in 1990, Kali Press, committed to works addressing the full spectrum of life awareness, with concentration on natural healing modalities. She delights in the opportunity to assist other authors, research multiple books on complimentary health choices and to speak publicly on topics regarding health and publishing.

In addition to her role as mother to her five children and her role as “Nonna” for her eight grandchildren, Cynthia is a lifelong supporter and exponent of holistic living. Cynthia’s managerial experience allows her to energetically advocate and support holistic living practices. Balancing all the demands she set in front of her, she also formed an import company in 1985, becoming a leader in introducing Australian Tea Tree Oil into the North American health scene. Her appetite for continued learning and healthy lifestyle choices has amassed a wealth of information, which she willingly shares through writing and speaking engagements.

Her book Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy received the Small Press Gold Book Award in 1997. As a result of her research into this remarkable herbal treatment, Ms. Olsen and Kali Press participated in a program to bring its benefits to the Second Mesa Pueblo of the Hopi Nation.

Ms. Olsen’s recent book has been a labor of love due to her passion for healthy aging. Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy & Youthful Midlife and Beyond is a Gold and Silver Medal recipient and finalist in USA Book Award and EVVY Award. Ms. Olsen’s previous books have been translated into Spanish and German.

Cynthia is an energetic and vivacious mid 70 year old. From her home in Colorado as well as her travel venues, she continues to actively pursue her varied interests in health, spirituality and joyful living.